Focus Areas

The accelerator programme will consist of a selection of 5-10 startups , operating in any one or more of the following focus areas:

Female-led businesses are encouraged to apply!



Capital Markets


Digital Banking




Business Solutions

Real Estate

Personal Finance

Credit Scoring

Regulatory Tech

Benefits 4U

New businesses, including FinTechs, need support in many areas to succeed and thrive.

In addition to technical assistance, the top 3 FinTechs will receive $5000 each at the end of the programme.

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    3 months intensive technical assistance + 3 months additional business support as needed

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    Regulatory Guidance by UNCDF in partnership with relevant regulators, including BoZ, ZICTA and SEC

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    Fintech Advisory by UNCDF, including Human Centered Design, Data Analytics, and others

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    Tax advisory by EY Zambia

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    Legal advisory by Musa Dudhia & Co.

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    High-Speed Internet Access by Liquid Telecom and MTN Zambia

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    Cloud Computing Credit with Amazon’s AWS or Microsoft’s Azure

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    Top Rate Class Sessions on Business Modeling

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    One-on-one Business Advisory Sessions

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    One-on-one Accounting & Finance Advisory

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    Top Rate Business Mentorship by industry leaders

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    Introduction to Funding, Promotion and Travel Opportunities

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    Free Co-working Space for 6 months

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    Valuation of company (meaning determining the value of the company) 

Selection Criteria

To qualify for the FinTech4U programme you must be a FinTech.

A FinTech is defined as: a business that uses technology and/or data to bring a new product, service or business model in the financial services sector (including Business2Customer, Business2Business, Business2Government, etc)

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    Have at least a minimum viable product (a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers and provide feedback for future product development)
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    Have been running from 3 months to 3 years

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    Desire and ability to grow in and outside of Zambia
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    Can demonstrate some sort of market traction  (proof that somebody wants your product. Ideally, it should communicate momentum in market adoption)
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    Special consideration for products and services that work to include traditionally under-served populations, such as rural communities, women and youth

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